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Although is the home of the fisix engine, it is also dedicated to the community of Flash and Physics developers and enthusaists.
As this site develops, more resources will be be added to this page such as tutorials and articles. If you'd like to contribute to this community, please drop us a line

Below are some links you may find interesting:
  • Metanet Tutorials - A great set of tutorials covering the Seperating Axis Theorm, as well as some broad-phase collision techniques

  • Tonypa's Vector Tutorials - A wonderfull place to start learning about vectors, which are very (and maybe even extremely) helpful with physics

  • Articles - Great articles about many different topics in math and physics

  • Flashkit forums - A good place to ask questions about games, physics, and flash in general

  • physics forums - The best place to get your questions answered by real physics pros

  • Advanced Character Physics - In my opinion, this article by Thomas Jakobsen is a must read for anyone interested in implementing their own physics system

  • Olivier's Code Junkyard - You won't find flash here, but there are some really great code samples and tutorial for you to discover

  • Flash Physics Demos - Some interesting physics demos done in flash.. unfortunately there's no source code
The Fisix Engine was created by Fileitup Media