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Getting Started

Creating cool applications with Fisix is supposed to be easy. So easy in fact, that you may not even need a getting started page, but we decided to have one anyway, just so we can say we do, and to point you in the right direction. So just follow these steps to get rolling:

  1. Download the latest build of the Fisix Engine. you can get it here.
  2. Head over to the tutorials page on the wiki and work through the them, starting with the first, which will help you set up the engine on your IDE.
  3. Once you have a good general feel for the engine, go through the manual to get a better understanding of the main concepts and components in the engine.
  4. Try compiling the example code files provided with the engine (found in the samples folder) and tweaking them to produce different results.

If you ever get stuck, check out the Docs page for help


The Fisix Engine was created by Fileitup Media